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Aditech Infotech develops IT Solutions which helps you to better market your services, better serve your clients and better manage your workflow. Our goal is to provide you advanced solutions to speed up your communications, enhance your marketing and support your customer relations management.

Just let us know your requirements, and we shall provide you the solution. You will have our instant response no matter how demanding or complicated your existing or forthcoming project may be.
Biometric Security Systems, Fingerprint/Show Card Solutions
Fingerprint Controls
Explore wide range of Fingerprint readers for access control and time attendance systems. We have wide range of biometric fingerprint readers for   all  your    business and
personal use. We offer new generation biometric fingerprint systems to make your work more easy and secure.
Show Card Controls
Find show card based access  control  and  time attendance machines. High speed proximity smart card system with unique security features.   our    card   based
access control and time attendance systems for multiple locations and thousands of employee management.
Face Recognition Systems
JustLook  is our  unique and fully      customizable      face recognition     system.   Find face      recognition     based visitor tracking, time tracking
and access control systems. Facial or face recognition system analysis person’s face image input through a camera.
Attendance Controls With LCD Camera
Find  advanced  fingerprint / card based  attendance and access  control system  with 8 inch  LCD  monitors.  Find varity   of   finger    print   and
show card based multi-media time & attendance terminals with inbuilt camera and big multi-media screen.
Time Attendance & Payroll Application
Time attendance and payroll software for efficient and easy time attendance and payroll management. Find automatic time tracking and payroll generating  systems, helping you to ease admini-
strative burden and allowing you to focus on important business tasks.
FingerPrint, Card & door Locks with Alarms
Selecting   a  home  security system    is   an    extremely important decision. Find EM door  locks, alarm  systems, video           door      phones, fingerprint   and  RFID  door locks      for    better   security
systems. Find various products and accessaries on advanced security systems.


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