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Business payroll can be a complicated process if you do it manually.

If you are struggling to comply with complex overtime and payroll regulations,

If your payroll process is taking too much time,

If it cost you too much in time and money,

We give you the solution . . .Payroll Software . . .

Before you spend any more money on your payroll service, take a look at how much money you could save bringing your payroll in-house

Payroll Configuration

Manage Allowances and Deductions

Employee Salary Generation – Monthly/biweekly/weekly/daily/hourly-Maintain required details of Transaction Year

Generates TAX Forms (completely customizable)

Payroll Reports

Salary Package Report

Permanent Employee Monthly Salary Report

Monthly Salary Report of employees on Contract

Bonus Details Report

Bonus Summary Report

Generation of Salary Slip in prescribed format

Generation of different FORMS required for tax and accounting purpose

Overtime Report

Payable Summary

Payment of Wages and Tax Statement

Allowances and Deductions Master