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What is JustLook Access Control System?

JustLook access control is a high tech Face recognition access control system that provides highest security for controlling unauthorized access of any area. Whether it’s your home or your organizations, our product is designed to meet the ultimate requirements of different places. It recognizes, authenticates and authorizes the entry of any person in order to protect the sensitive area of your premise. Our system can also be integrated with access controls like turnstile, tripod and boom barriers in order to meet exact requirements of our clients.

We believe in providing advanced technology that helps our clients not only to protect their premises accurately, but also maintain their overall cost of administration. Our product is fully customizable in accord with the specific requirements of our clients. It also enables the users to block the entry of any person by adding him in its blacklist.

Our system has defined a high level of security by protecting your premises from any fraud and unauthorized access. Our system works on the basic principles of facial patterns, which detects the facial parameters for granting permission. If the intruder tries to hack the system by using fake facial objects like sunglasses, mustache or wig, then the system denies the entry by matching the facial patterns with its already stored database.

Key Features of JustLook Biometric Access Control

Our security solution is created to cover all the aspects of accuracy and preciseness, but still we believe to serve our clients with excellent range of products. Along with all the basic features that you will find in any ordinary system, we are also providing additional features that will boost the productivity of your company. Some of the key features of our System are listed below:

JustLook access control systems range from single door stand alone system to multi door access system. Our system is fully features and can be integrated with other software like time attendance in order to provide extra facilities of accuracy along with security to our clients.

It is flexible enough to provide limited or unlimited access of a primitive area with a variety of authentication.

It maintains the administrative cost, as it does not require any costly servers or application to maintain. Also it is based on no human touch technology, which increases the life span of the product.

It can be fully customized with respect to the requirements of your organization. As your organization develops, you can format the system without any spending.

It completely secures the premise from any unauthorized access as it is designed on the basis of facial recognition technology.

It protects your premise from snooping, as it declines facial patterns hidden behind objects like sunglasses, beard, wig, moustache etc.

It provides the facility to block the entry of any unwanted person by creating a blacklist.