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Where there is large number of populations, management becomes a big question. Considering the educational institution - students, administration, staffs where everyone has the requirement of fast automated services with less hard work. There comes the usefulness of our face recognition system products. The time attendance system, access control system and the visitor management system all has different importance while considering the educational firm.

Our three major products provide services merging the requirements of the users and also maintain the level of security. Since, our products are based on no human touch technology therefore it has got much importance in the field of education.

Time Attendance System

This system is used to keep track of the attendance of the students and the staffs which later on help to calculate the annual presence as well as also helps in generating the payroll of the staffs. To reduce the computational redundancy and to reduce the laborious work, time attendance system has got a much importance.

Access Control System

In schools, colleges, and other educational institutions there are various departments where everyone are not allowed everywhere because of some confidential data, information or some other resources that needs to be protected. Our access control system can be used in those places to protect the resources from unauthenticated access. Thus our application minimizes the work load and reduces the fraudulence that the institutions used to suffer with the conventional process

Visitor Management System

While talking about the educational institutions, keeping track of visitors is very important to get a clear picture of the coming and going visitors. Our biometric visitor management system plays a vital role over there by storing few details related to every visitor. Also, it blacklists few visitors from entering into the premise.

Thus, in the field of education face recognition systems are proving to be very flexible, easy to use and powerful.