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Multi Tenant Solution

Multi tenant properties require management processes and other practices which should be secure and work very smoothly and easily. No matter the size or the number of building our biometric face recognition solutions provide services securely and efficiently. Due to large space as well as large number of population management and security are two big concerns which should be taken into consideration along with the convenience of the general people. Our application is dedicated to serve all these requirements with efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Face recognition solutions are based on ‘no human touch technology’ that means, in order to use the technology, individuals do not have to touch the device physically. The device captures the facial details in order to provide the security. Thus, it resolves the problem that used to be there dealing with the conventional method.

The software is compatible with most major access control manufacturers and can accommodate biometric scanners to allow repeat visitors to sign in by scanning their fingerprint. The system can also use an ID scanner to speed up the registration process with the unique ability to send an email with the visitor’s photo to the host upon sign-in. Customized mass notifications for informational or emergency purposes are also possible.

In a multi tenant, there is always a rush of public, so it is necessary to keep track of in coming and out going publics. This can not be done using manual labor as large number of population makes the entry and the exit. So in that case our biometric face recognition system can be applicable. As the biometric visitor management system is helpful in keeping track of the number of visitors visiting a particular premise. Also it can keep a track of the blacklisted visitors. Then if the banned visitor revisits the premise then the biometric application blows the alarm.

Many suits like the electric switchboard room or the store room of a multi tenant are not supposed to be visited by everyone. When this is the scenario then our biometric application is the most efficient one to provide the appropriate solution. The biometric access control system provides security in this kind of places where few people are authorized to access few services.

Thus, our applications can be used in multi tenant commercial buildings as well as to the residential buildings to enhance the security and the building’s professional image.