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Hospitals and healthcare related places are the areas where people need their work to be done at a very fast rate. These are the places where every clock tick is associated with the last breath of an individual. There management of each and every work should be taken care off and it should be done at a very quicker rate that means manual process could not be implied over here. So, to manage in a better way our biometric applications works the best.

Our face recognition solutions works on no human touch technology. Thus along with managing bulk of data it maintains the security level. We can help you to meet your requirements through our products in different ways.

Time Attendance System

Staffs in hospitals and medical facilities can mark their presence using time attendance system. It also therefore keep track of the number of leaves, shift timings, arrival – departure time etc. which ultimately helps in generating the staff's payroll in the facility. Thus, it helps in saving time and complex calculation process.

Access Control System

Areas where security is the major concern, access control system has the greatest usage. In a premise where departments like operation theater, ICU, Admin etc. exist there all the people are not authorized to move in and out. Selected people are only permitted to access. This kind of security could be easily achieved using our access control system.

Visitor Management System

Public places like hospitals where the area meets regularly with new patients, visitors and many other unexpected individuals. There biometric visitor management system is used to control the number of visits. It can be used to protect the premise against unauthorized visits.

Thus, face recognition systems can be used at different places in a different way to increase the convenience of the management as well as the customers.