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It does not matter whether your company is a small firm or a large organization, need of security is everywhere. Whether considering the employees, premises, or the resources everything needs to be protected in various ways. Conventional protection was always there, but to maintain professionalism with your employees, clients, prospective and dealers it is not impressive as well as not very secure.

We at JustLook are providing our customers with better security services. Our different biometric solutions are responsible to provide security as well as managing different data at different sectors efficiently. Our applications are allowing employees to mark the attendance automatically, at the same time it is protecting different resources and also, it is keeping a check on the coming visitors.

Time Attendance System

Our biometric time attendance system manages the employee attendance as well as helps other departments for calculating the payroll. To help the corporate in building up a good impression as well as to automate the whole process our application serves at a higher pace. Now, there is no need to depend on the manual registration anymore.

Access Control System

It’s really hard to remember the name of various employees who has got the permission to access various resources. In order to solve this problem in an organization JustLook is providing you with the access control system. This application keeps a track of authorized employees electronically for accessing different secured resources. Thus, minimizes the labor work.

Visitor Management System

To maintain a good image in front of business partners and also to obtain higher level of security it is not efficient to manage the whole system using manual process because one can not keep track of every visitor manually. Our visitor management system helps in keeping track of visitors as well as it helps in managing the banned individuals.

Thus, our applications are beneficial for achieving different levels of security at the corporate level.