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Solutions provided by the face recognition system are also booming in the industrial sector. Factories and industries which deals with large population, generally face problems in managing data related to the worker's wages, leaves, tax etc. Also due to the large space in the factory keeping an eye over the visitors becomes almost impossible. As a solution to all these problems our biometric face recognition solutions works in a very efficient way.

All the three different products that is, time attendance system, access control system and visitor management system has different applications if industrial area is concerned. These applications can manage all the shortcomings that the factory used to face earlier.

Time Attendance System

The biometric time attendance system can be used to keep track of the daily attendance of the workers, their leaves, taxes etc. and based on that the salary can also get calculated. Thus with minimum hard work a large volume of data gets easily managed and make the whole procedure very simple. At the same time from the pool of data, specific data can be retrieved anytime.

Access Control System

In factories where blue collar workers work there controlling the access of resources, assets and areas is very important. There comes the usage of our biometric access control system. This system helps in protecting the resources from the unauthenticated access. Thus, saves the industrial property from fraudulent activities.

Visitor Management System

Factories require to be protected from strangers especially the manufacturing firms where manufacturing process is carried on a day to day basis. This can be achieved using our biometric visitor management system. It can be used to keep an eye on the individuals coming and visiting the industry. This system can also be used in banning the visitors from re-visiting. Thus, it protects the premise from unauthorized visits.

All these biometric solutions are based on no human touch technology, which means, it needs no physical contact in order to provide the security as it is based on face recognition technology. Thus, it meets the customer's expectation by providing appropriate management and security.