Timekeeping System with fingerprint, Show card and Camera

Model No.: ADI007

ADI007 Self-service Fingerprint Multimedia Time & Attendance Terminal.
  • Professional Design: Elegant workmanship, metallic mounting plate is easy to install.
  • It has color TFT Display: 3.5inch figure, TFT high-definition graphical interfaces, which can display the individual graphical interfaces and personnel color photos.
  • Multi-identification methods, can meet users individual requirement: Proximity card, fingerprint, password, of which functions can be chosen freely combined for identification.
  • Multi-group network communication: RJ45 Ethernet, USB.
  • Standalone function: it is suitable the application of inconvenient remote network, adopt U disk to download and upload time attendance record & photos conveniently.
  • Build in embedded TCP/IP protocol, 100M high-speed network which can realize support crossing the sub mask to transmit the data.
  • It is self-service operation, enormously convenient for users or administrator to enquiry.
  • Support the real-time transfer of the time & attendance data, using steady internet platform which has improved the reliability of the time & attendance data.
  • Multinational language menu: Simple Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, Spanish etc. multinational languages can be changed freely.
  • Time & Attendance device which can make sound: Each function to be operated has voice hint, also can pronounce the name or number of the users.
  • Multi-item auxiliary functions: Meeting Notice, Birthday Prompt, sharp Hour ring Prompt, power on and off at schedule time, advertisement broadcast.
  • Huge capacity memory: The maximum storage is 1,500 fingerprints, store 30,000 records;EMS memory can be distributed and extended dynamically.
  • Apply the advanced LINUX Embedded operation system, 24 hours continuous operation; the terminals are steady and credible.
  • Feature function key and navigation key: 16 function keys and 8 working function keys.
  • Adopt the worlds most advanced fingerprint sensing technology and algorithms, fast identification speed, the FAR rate is 0.0001% .


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3.5 Digital Color TFT
Fingerprint identification speed
3,500 match in 1 second
Fingerprint capacity
1,500 fingerprint templates
Log capacity
30,000 events
Network Interface
TCP/IP, RS232, RS485, USB
Operation Modes
Fingerprint, card, fingerprint card etc. 15 modes
Function Key
8 Function Keys to user-defined functions
Scheduler bell, USB host, USB client, short message, workcode, T9 input
ID/HID/Mifare card, WIFI, GPRS, printer, photo ID, RIS