Employee Time Management Software

Model No.: ADI022

ADI022 is a standalone fingerprint T & A product with simple access control. It is built in Linux operation system and DP UrU4000 sensor. The identification speed is fast and FFR and FAR are low. Memory stick solves the problem of no PC in local site. You just download records into the stick and take it to where there is PC. And ADI022 with Remote Identification System is a good solution for personal management of a company with 1000-5000 staff. The identification speed is within 2 seconds. ADI022 with Web management lets you navigate the records in it trough TCP/IP at your convenience. Furthermore, the Public and private short massage can be sent to defined person and it has basic door control function.
  • 2005 Version of algorithms with dependability and accuracy, identification speed obviously improved, it can manage 3000 fingerprint templates within 2 sec.
  • Built in embedded standalone module (ZEM200) with strong American Intel 32 bit X-scale CPU
  • Adopt U.are.U sensor, improving fingerprint identification.
  • Support 360-degree rotation identification, easy to use and reliable.
  • External interface for sound box .
  • The Public and private short massage that can be sent to defined person
  • Basic door control function.
  • Sensor window cotton improved image quality, access dry/wet fingers.
  • Automated exposure and intelligent compensation improved image quality
  • Accept ODM or OEM, providing system analysis, casing-making, circuit design, producing-assembly, package design, etc, linear service.


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User Capacity
Transaction Storage
50000 records
Algorithm version
2005 Version ZK new algorithm
RS232, RS485, TCP/IP
Identification time
Red, Green
128X64 Green background light
Temperature operating
Humidity operating
196(L) X 120(W) X 40(H)mm
Web Manage,ID Card,RIS(Remote identification system)
U.are.U Sensor
USB Flash Disk
32M(Support USB 1.1 Protocol)